Protect Your Data on Smart Phones and Tablets

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  • Treat your phone with the same amount of security care that you do your computer. Use applications that can help protect you from viruses and malware.
  • Having said that, be careful of what you’re downloading to your phone, Monahan warned. In March, Android Marketplace took more than 50 apps off when they were found to be infected with malware. “Android is the No. 1 operating system for mobile devices because it is an open platform, but it’s also open to criminals,” she said. “Wait for apps to be reviewed, and check out the publisher of the app to make sure it is legitimate. Be careful when giving ‘permissions’ to apps. Does that game you are downloading really need access to your location and your contacts? I think not.”
  • Get password protection and chose a different pass code for your phone than what you use on your computer.
  • Encrypt valuable data, Credant suggested.. Even if it’s lost, many finders will be snooping around.
  • Keep records of what information you have stored on your phone. Some of it, like your bank accounts and passwords, will be impenetrable, according to Gordon, but thieves like to layer bits and pieces of information to get a clearer picture of you.
  • Get remote-wipe capability if it’s offered.
  • Get a find-my-phone function whenever possible. That uses GPS to track down your phone.
  • Check to see if your smartphone can be set so that data is erased automatically after a prescribed number of pass codes have failed. That won’t save the information but could spare your sanity.
  • When shopping this season, put that phone in a safe place and keep it there. Don’t leave it on the tray at food court, on a bench in the dressing room or in the stall in the restroom.

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