Get Started with Android Development

Environment Setup

1. Download Eclipse IDE (classic);

2. Install ADT plugin for Eclipse from Help > Install New Software…. and add from

3. Download and install the Android SDK;

4. create Android Virtual Device on Eclipse from Windows → AVD Manager


5. From Eclipse, select File → New → Other → Android → Android Project, make sure to choose right target version, input the right Activity name and create the Android project. As a result, res->layout->main.xlm (UI), res->values->strings (attributes), src->yourpackage-> (your program), gen->yourpackage-> (the linkage), and yourSDK->android.jar (your API) are created.

6. Select the file “res/values/string.xml” and press “Add” more color and strings;

7. Select “res/layout/main.xml” and open the Android editor via a double-click to add more UI elements, and edit theirs properties;

8. Code your application on, including all the event handlers;


9. Run-As-> Android Application and choose the AVD to run, and wait for the result

(press home and restart your app if necessary on AVD)

Deployment to your device

10. There are three ways to deploy the app directly to your device without going through Android Market.

About henry416
I am a computer technology explorer and an university student based on Toronto. If you have any question, please feel free to discuss and comment here

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