Human vs Robots

Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee from MIT wrote a wonderful book called Race Against the Machine years ago. The following are the links to the three parts of excerpts:
1. Where Human Workers Can Still Beat Robots (at Least for Now)
2. Why the Massive Wealth of the 1% Could Ruin the Economy
3. Why Workers Are Losing the War Against Machines

One blogger from even argued that,  by that estimation, robots will eventually take over all human jobs, leaving us with nothing to do. This is very bad, says the New York Times’ Paul Krugman ( Robots and Robber Barons ), because that means all wealth will be controlled by the people who own the robots (assuming the machines don’t turn on us and kill us all, of course):

Smart machines may make higher GDP possible, but also reduce the demand for people — including smart people. So we could be looking at a society that grows ever richer, but in which all the gains in wealth accrue to whoever owns the robots.

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