Free Trial Windows Azure (Windows Cloud)

You can try out Windows Azure for 90 days free from here.

Details of 90-Day Free Trial
What you’ll get every month (in fact this is much better than my cell phone plan)
750 HRS Cloud Services
750 small compute hours
35 GB Storage
35 GB with 50M transactions
1 DU SQL Database
1 DU of Web & Business Edition
20 GB Data Transfers
20 GB outbound, unlimited inbound
10 Web Sites & Mobile Services
Can be extended to 1 year FREE

Some Strings attached for this trial: (I guessed this will defer a lot of peoples although you should generally trust Microsoft on its words)

A mobile phone
To send you a verification code by text message.
A credit card
Required for proof of identity. No obligation to purchase and no charge unless you explicitly remove the spending limit.