My Study Notes:
11gR2 DB Admin

My Study References:

1. Oracle Architecture

Oracle 11g Architecture

Architecture Overview

2. Instance (Memory) vs Database (Disk)

Instance (in Memory) VS Database (On Disks(

3. Simplified Architecture

Simplified Oracle Architecture From Stanford.EDU

4. Process Architecture

Process Architecture

5. What is a Database Server

A General Database Server (Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server)

6. Storage Structures (From Logical to Physical)

Storage Structure for Oracle (From Logical to Physical)

7. A Database Block

A database block

8. An Storage Structure Example

An Example

9. Various Types of Segments Depending on Usages

Various Types of Segments

10. Physical Structure in Comparison between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

Physical Structure (Oracle vs Microsoft SQL)

11. Physical Structures => Physical Files

Remember All the Physical Files

12. Memory Structure

Memory Structures

Memory Structures

Memory Structures in Details

13. SGA

What is SGA?

SGA is Memory Structure

14. Oracle Net Service Architecture

Oracle Net Service Architecture

Orache Net: How it works

Oracle Net on Clients

ORACLE 11R2 Java Developer Guide

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