My posts

  1. Apache Hadoop (Get Started, Configuration,MapReduceProgram)
  2. Apache HBase
  3. Pig
  4. Hive
  5. Scoop

My references

1. Big Data Lamda Architecture

1.1 Three Layered Architecture

Overview of Big Data Lamda Architecture

Three Layers in Lamda Architecture

2. Hadoop

2.1. Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop EcoSystem

2.2. Hadoop Core Technology and Products (Simplified form)

Simplified Hadoop Based Technology and Product

3. Clouds (Hadoop Infrastructure As A Service)


  • Microsoft Solution: Microsoft Azure HD Insight server (Hadoop + Hive + ..)
  • HDInsight Technology Stack

4. (Re)distributions

  • Cloudera

Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop

  • HortonWorks

Hortonworks Data Platform

Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop Software

IBM Big Data

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Preinstalled Machines

HP Hadoop

  • CISCO Hadoop Stack

CISCO Hadoop Stack

5. Further Readings

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